Week 5 of Training – Yes, my long run is only 8 miles!

This was a relatively easy recovery week. I did, however, take a trapeze class with John, Christina and Jeff.  Once I walked into the building and saw how high the trapeze platform was (24 feet), I was incredibly scared and  immediately regretted buying the Groupon. During the two hour class, I got to “fly” five times, and the scariest part each time was waiting on the platform and jumping off. Once I jumped off the platform, I was too busy concentrating on what I was supposed to do to notice how high in the air I was. I’m scared of heights, so I’m very proud of myself for extending myself beyond my comfort zone. And it was fun!

Monday: Spin Class – 1 Hour

Tuesday: Speed Session on Treadmill

1 mile  (1o min/mile)

4 x 400 (8:30 min/mile) with 1 minute rest between (alternated between running 10 min/mile and walking)

1 x 800

1 mile (9:15 min/mile)

Total: 4 miles

Wednesday: Spin Class – 1 Hour

Thursday: 6 mile tempo run on treadmill

I  dislike the 3 miles runs that I’m supposed to do twice a week; I think that they are stupid and unproductive. This week I have decided to forgo these runs and replace them with a 5-6 mile tempo run. In my  opinion, a six mile tempo run is much more beneficial to my training than two stupid three mile runs. Combining the two runs into one longer run also frees up a day of training, so I can actually fit more exercise into my week. Yay! With my extra time, I will either go to an extra spin class or take an extra rest day (depending on how I’m feeling).

1 mile – 10 min/mile

1 mile – 9:30 min/mile

1 mile – 9 min/mile

1 mile – 9:30 min/mile

1 mile – 9 min/mile

1 mile – 9:30 min/mile

Friday: REST/Study for the GMAT!!

Saturday: 8.2 miles (1:17)

I’ve made the “eat too much” mistake, and this run represents the “eat too little” mistake. I woke up on Saturday around 9:30 and needed to start my run no later than 10:15 in order to make it back in time to shower and go to trapeze class. That gave me about 45 minutes to fuel and hydrate for the run ( I normally prefer to have at least 90 minutes). I drank a bunch of water, ate a whole wheat muffin with nutella, and ate the grossest energy GU (strawberry – I do NOT recommend it). I felt pretty full, so I laced up my shoes and headed out the door. About a mile into my run, I knew that I hadn’t properly hydrated or fueled. My legs felt sore and heavy, and I just didn’t have much energy. Running by restaurants and cafes was pure torture – I was hungry! Thankfully I had brought some Gatorade, so I could at least stay hydrated throughout the run.

+ 2 hours of trapeze class!

Sunday: REST

Total: 18.2 miles

Cross training: 2 hours


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