Week 3 of Training

My boyfriend keeps threatening to send me to rehab for my new found love/addition for vitamins. I’ve added B12 and Fish Oil to the mix, and I am feeling great! I’ve decided to start paying better attention to nutrition and am tracking what I eat on Lance Armstrong’s MyPlate application. I also bought a single serve blender to make morning smoothies; I’m excited to start trying new recipes!

Monday: 3.1 miles – 32 minutes outside

These short, slow three mile runs are supposed to be my easiest, but they’re always the most miserable! I felt absolutely terrible —  my calves and arches really hurt. I stopped to stretch at least four times in the course of a three mile run. Pathetic.

Tuesday: Speed session on treadmill

1 mile  (10 min/mile)

10 x 400 at 8:30 min/mile with one minute rest between each 400

1 mile (9:30 min/mile)

Total: 5.2 miles (including rests between 400s)

Wednesday: Spin class – 1 hour

Thursday: 3.1 miles – 3o minutes on treadmill + George’s ab class

After my horrible run on Monday, I decided that I don’t like running outside when it’s dark and cold. So I decided to do this short run on the treadmill, and it was a much more pleasant experience! The only problem with the treadmill is that I sweat a ridiculous amount, and I had to change into a different shirt for the ab class.

Friday: Spin class – 1 hour

Saturday: 11 miles – 2 hours

I went to Bellingham on Saturday to run 11 miles with my dad. The weather was perfect for running (5o degrees, light breeze and no rain). My dad suggested that I run without music so we could talk, and I reluctantly agreed. I can’t remember the last time I ran without music so this was a big step for me. And it turned out to be a good strategy – we are supposed to run our long runs at a very slow pace (10:30-11 min/miles), so by not listening to music and trying to talk to my dad, I was very aware of my heart rate. We ran throughout the south side of Bellingham. A few highlights: running through Boulevard Park (very pretty along the water) and Sehome High School (my Alma Mater). Running with my dad in Bellingham is quite different than running by myself in Seattle. I rarely see anyone I know when I run, but my dad saw at least six people he knows during our run. Oh, and there was a guy walking his goats in the middle of downtown, which provided some comedic relief when we were feeling pretty tired at mile 1o. Overall, it was a great, slow run! After the run, we enjoyed smoothies, we stretched, and we took some Vitamin I (ibuprofen) to aid the recovery process.

Sunday: REST

Total miles: 22.4

Cross training: 2 and a half hours


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